Hire Equipment

The Hire Fleet you can depend on

"Everyone loves accessories - they really make the toy shop special...
We have hundreds of them! all sorts of hoses, fittings, vales upon your valves, strainers for your pumps, socks for you whipchecks! And what about our zoo! We have turtles, pelican picks, wombats and gophers and everything they need to go with them right here in house."

Here at Quarry Mining, we offer a comprehensive fleet of machinery and tools for you to get the best results without a permanent obligation:

- Roof bolters

- Rock drills

- Rib drills

- Airlegs

- Grouting equipment (Pump/Mixer/Motor)

- Mesh munchers

- Ergonomic light weight hammers

- Boar series double telescopic stopers

- Ergonomic light weight rock drills

- Tensioners