Dust Suppression

Dust King is Quarry Mining’s very own dust surfactant solution to controlling the hazards of respirable and airborne dust in mines, quarries and tunnels.

To address this hazard, Quarry Mining has developed Dust King – a water additive product used as a key control measure for managing respirable and airborne dust.

Dust King is a surfactant (aka surface acting reagent) that is simply added in very low concentration to the water supply via a dosing unit to reduce the surface tension of water and thereby increases dust capture when using water sprays. Alternatively, a small dose of the surfactant can be added to water carts to apply on roads.

We have obtained impressive results from site trials (refer research paper & product review) and are now offering Dust King as a commercial product to industry.

For more information on the product, including our contact details, please see the link to our flyer below.