Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Our busy and highly technically focused teams in the workshops in both Newcastle and Mackay are ready to help you with any of your equipment repair.  We specialize in handheld pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and are decked out with all the bells, whistles, cleaning and testing equipment you can imagine.

Our facility can sometimes be mistaken for a zoo! Some of the equipment are known as gophers, wombats, spyders, mantis, turtles, panthers and even eagles.  If you have anything like this that needs a birthday or some TLC please see bring them in – we will send them back to you all certified! 

Even if it’s a rare animal that no one has ever seen before - there is every chance we can resuscitate.

We also have a full suite of hire equipment too if you need a loan of something or want to borrow one while yours is in our care.

Please come in for a look around anytime.