Week Two – Get A Grip

You’ll recall that last week saw my initial foray into dance, which commenced with an understated 4 step routine practised over and over in Aimee’s studio and repeated “ad nauseam” at home in front of a mirror.

It’s week 2 and the serious stuff is now happening. Yes, this involves actually holding a partner, however maybe I need to finesse that bit or so I’m told. I have to remember it’s not combat, just dancing! How can I unleash my inner ballerina, or as I learn, the European term for a male dancer is ballerino /danseur?

I watched this piece for inspiration

This new performance persona is growing on me and the aim is to refine my approach, to modify the moves which have seen me spin and drag my dance partner Aimee around the room in an uncontrollable borderline hysterical dervish. She needs to look less startled every time we take the floor. That’s my goal. The tricky thing is my wife doesn’t know these new moves (possibly because I don’t either) so that makes practising at home problematic.

They say that “music hath charm to soothe a savage beast” but for now we go cold turkey (i.e. no music) so maybe when we actually progress to the next stage I’ll have some musical ammo to keep my moves under control.

What keeps me going is the end goal, the great cause, which seems a long way to go but for now I’m looking at the next six weeks where we ramp up to 2 lessons a week. The questions are – Will Aimee survive? Will I improve?

Tune in for next week’s update.

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