Week Three – …And All That Jazz

Week three and it’s dawning on me what a huge ‘feat’ this will be, and yes I am becoming (possibly unhealthily) consumed with my size 11s. Am I treasuring these tools of the trade as I do Quarry drill bits? Should I begin a regime of foot care, get some serious reflexology happening? A pedicure perhaps? I have to morph from tangle foot to twinkle toes within 7 weeks as all eyes will then be focused below my waist, much lower to the ground I mean of course!!

It is a two lesson week and things are hotting up on the dance floor and at work so it’s just as well that I can multi-task. Hmmm – maybe I need to rethink that – of course men can’t multi-task what was I thinking? My dance coach Aimee tells me to sit on a bench and dance with my feet but then she says to integrate movement in my arms and upper body. Sounds easy but while you’re reading this, have a go yourself and get back to me if you can do it. Here’s the challenge – maybe everyone who can’t manage the happy feet and happy body combo can cough up $10 please as a donation to the cause. Thanks gents! Ladies take pity on me and cough up anyway please 🙂

We are about half way through the routine and we’ve progressed to dancing with music. I’m channelling jazz, which features a lot of improvisation, which I figure can cover a multitude of sins! It’s helping me centre my thoughts and I think Aimee’s countenance is more relaxed than last week however the soldier in me is still lurching towards combat, plus add in my ‘impro’ movements and I see the shock has not quite gone from her face. Perhaps she’s now prepared for combat possibly more than me. And as she‘s the boss for the next several weeks I think next week I’ll let the feet do the talking!

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