Week Four – I can’t dance

Picture of Two left men's shoes

Now you may be disconcerted to read the heading of this progress update, and so you should be. In the stratosphere of fails, let me say that this week  was epic and has brought me to my knees, metaphorically speaking that is. In the words of my music hero Leo Sayer – I Can’t Dance.

Not a phrase my followers are hoping to hear 8 weeks out from the big  “dance off” , but really what was I thinking when I entered this contest? Apart from supporting an amazingly worthwhile cause and one close to my heart I now see I was delusional! I was seduced into thinking that everyone can dance if given some tuition. It’s basically a lie. There is a small thing called talent of which I am fresh out of! The pace and the technical difficulty to master the moves got me this week – fancy footwork on steroids is what was required, and the result was, let’s say…. less.

The feet are holding up but the morale has been dented and I wonder if I can recover. Did Superman ever feel like this? How can I overcome my own kryptonite? I get wise counsel from my Quarry Mining colleagues who tell me to suck it up and put on my tutu for inspiration. I fall into a mini reverie and dream of glory  – yes I can hear these words playing over and over……..

I can da-hance, I really hit the floor
Ah it feels good, look at me dancin’

I did a two-step, quick-step and a bossa nova
A little Victor Silvester, and a Rudy Valentino
You should-a seen me movin’, right across the floor
Hand me down my tuxedo, next week I’m comin’ ba-ack for more

Yes I’m coming back for more.

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