Week Five – Cartwheels for Beginners

Cartwheeling man in business suit

“Can you do a cartwheel?” was what my instructor asked when I turned up for our week 5 lesson. I said no but secretly wondered how hard it could be after the intricate steps and moves I’m starting to master after 4 weeks of intensive training and practice.

Wrong again. The entire time was dedicated to torture – the torture of cartwheels. Sure, most kids learn to perform them from an early age, possibly as young as 4 but for me this was a new and terrifying experience – not to mention dangerous! A six and a half foot tall man weighing nearly 100 kg isn’t built to EVER perform a cartwheel. But guess what, for over an hour that’s all I did. Over and over – and I mean OVER – over a coffee table – well 100 times over a coffee table with variations on the theme. Over the coffee table with straight legs, then with straight legs and pointed toes. The damage was brutal and I limped home with my nearly 5 decades showing and absolutely over it!

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