Week Eight – Risky Business

Risky Business (Tom Cruise sliding in socks scene)

I’ve found footwear is important – both in my job and even more so for dancing. Going down mines has its risks so best to be prepared. Anyway for week one, as ordered by ‘she who must be obeyed’ I turned up in sneakers. Comfy for sure but as I lurched around the room the soles gripped and stuck to the floor, so we decided that the sneakers needed to be jettisoned.

So back to the drawing board!

Shoeless didn’t quite do it for me either and then I discovered the allure of socks. In no time I was sliding across the room sweeping movements which gave me such pleasure and freedom. The sock is such a simple accessory which doesn’t ever get good press. When was the last time you even thought of socks? The only interesting fact about socks is ‘what happens to the other one’,  there always seems to a sock drawer filled with one sock-is there a sock heaven someone made up of all the single socks in the world?

Anyway I digress. This week “The boss” said lose the socks and put on your proper dancing shoes. Yes Mum. I did as I was told however my big pointy toe leather shoes and her dainty little toes were on a collision course and she was going to come out scathed! She survived but it was touch and go!

There is good news to report. The dance routine is completed and now it’s a matter of refining the timing, smoothing out the rough bits (they’re currently mainly rough) and practice, practice, practice.

So  the big question – is our routine going to include some old time rock and roll? Watch this space!

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