Week Nine – A Sprint to the Finish

Usain Bolt sprinting to the finish line

Sometimes in a project you get to a point where all the hard work coalesces and you start to see what is possible – where your vision is close to becoming a reality. That’s where I find myself- so close. The event is in a few weeks’ time, which will be nerve wracking but the preparation makes both Aimee and I feel less anxious and ready to face the music!!

Aimee has been an inspirational teacher, mentor, slave driver and colleague and can see that her work here is almost done. Her relief is palpable. Although I had a bad week with a cold (yes alright, the man flu), the moves are coming together, my feet seem to be travelling in the right direction and the cartwheel now makes sense.

We’re up to finessing and acting – time to put some personality into the performance. We now know the routine we’ll be doing so my homework is to watch the video, study the technique, perfect the cartwheel and remain injury free.

My fundraising target is so close too and I feel confident that the tremendous support so far, for which I am so grateful, will continue as I sprint to the finish.


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